Peloponnese Cycle Tour

This is going to be our first adventure of the year- and I can’t wait. I seem to have been increasingly repeating my favourite activities these days, rather than doing something totally new. This definitely fits the novelty bill and delivers that buzz.

Anna has done some¬†cycle touring in the past, and close friends of ours have raved about it, but for some reason the first time I sat on a non-mountain bike was 18 months ago. Since then we’ve done some day rides, and a couple of overnighters (B&B and friends’) but nothing like this.

We kick off at a friend’s 30th birthday party at a villa on Zakynthos on the weekend of the 20th September, fly out from Athens on the 12th October and have precious little idea of what we’re doing between times. This is going to require plenty of gear!

Cycle Trip TGG (Total Gear Geekery)

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