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We all like an adventurous life; this site is here to record a few and maybe inspire a few more.

It’s run by me (Mark) and my wife to be, Anna. We’re two pretty typical early-30-somethings slipping through the crack between getting established in our careers and hopefully starting a family. We’ve managed to wangle a few months of light working and plan to luxuriate in a lack plans for perhaps the last time in our lives.

Expect a collection of travel tales, any good tips we discover, maybe some life-coaching skills thrown in (from a course I’m on) and plenty of info on the gear we use and love.

For now get stuck into the Archives for a flavour of the tales or follow our current adventure- cycle touring and wild camping around Greece.


These jaunts are part-funded by income from my EZ ISA business, as well as money I’ve saved and invested using it myself. The service makes investing as quick, cheap and simple as humanly possible- check out the website and get in touch if you’d like to try it for yourself.


It is also a place to indulge ‘Total Gear Geekery’ (TGG)- half the fun of anything is using the right tool for the job (and maybe we’re just generating jobs just to use the right tool??) Expect kit lists, suggestions, reviews and ‘buying processes’- the first one is for our cycle trip to Greece.

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