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Off we go

Costa Rica 2- Road Trippin’

Written from our very own jungle tree-house

  • Adventures on the Pacific coast
  • Toyota Yaris 1.5vvti tested (to destruction?)
  • We fall into, and escape, an eco-tourist trap


You left us last striking out from the American-dominated surf-town of Tamarindo to explore the whole northern Pacific coast (known as Guanacaste). While Tamarindo with its range of surf (from beginner to challenging), great beaches and multitude tasty eateries would be a pleasant enough stay we had some exploring to do.

We quickly evaluated tripping around by bus, but given the slightly out of the way places, the potentially ‘relaxed’ country-schedules and our ability to be on time we opted for a car. In my book there are two types of travellers; those whose limiting factor is money, and those which is time. If you’ve got £5,000 to see the world with and no work that you’re missing out on you count your time away in money. If you spend £10pd that’s a year and a half of work-free adventure (a-la Al and Laura on their, if you spend £100pd then that’s not even two months before it’s back to the grind. This is why long term travellers get almost insanely tight; it’s their freedom they’re spending. On the other hand they have the untold luxury of all the time in the world to hunt out cheap stays, work while away and so get into the culture properly, wait hours for busses which might not show. While Anna and I have got a luxury month in the time budget, and being away 30 days means we’ve got to watch our per day spend, time is still by far our limiting factor= rental car it is.

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Costa Rica 1- Turbo Bloggin’ Catch Up

Written after a sun and sweat drenched beach run and lazy breakfast

• A month in the UK in a few sentences
• Costa Rica??
• The first few days

Back in the UK

Due to much laziness and the usual dashing around these posts have lapsed- apologies! In a few weeks back in the UK we ran(/limped) the Royal Parks Half Marathon (our joints didn’t thank us for the lack of training and Anna’s knee and my ankles gave in), had the luxury of time to visit pretty much everyone we know in the UK which was brilliant (hi all!), went clubbing in Sankies despite adhering to Sober October (different), put Fes (the camper van) away for the winter, packed in a load of work and of course met my new nephew.

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